Past Testimonials

Thanks so much Suzanne or making the service a beautiful day 
Kind regards
Leonie Hearn

Dear Suzanne A brief THANK YOU for conducting such a beautiful service for our Robbs on Thursday.  I am sure Madam Director would have been proud of it all, in such a sylvan setting (despite the blistering cold – though I think you are experiencing rather colder, windier days right now!)
Lovely to meet you. 
Chrissie Cuthbert-Steele

Dear Suzanne, Just a note of appreciation for the lovley service afforded Mum.  All said the ceremony was beautiful as each section came together nicely.
Thankyou most sincerely,

Dear Suzanne,
As was the case with our wedding too, in the flurry of excitement after the ceremony on Sunday we didn't really get a chance to thank you properly. You did such a great job of making our daughter’s naming day really special. Your readings were so beautiful - you had everyone hanging off every word. And you worked your usual magic of loosening up the crowd and making everybody feel at ease and in the moment. Quite a few people commented on how lovely it was to see you again for this happy occasion.
Thanks so much for your understanding and help in making it the simple and heartfelt celebration that we had intended it to be. We think you're an amazing woman, and are honoured to have you play a role in our lives for these milestone family events. Quite simply, you made the day unforgettable.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Loads of love,
C, R & Z

Thanks heaps. The honeymoon was just fantastic, we are so in love. Jay and I feel really different now, after the ceremony we both said that we feel like there is something binding us together now and we feel so positive and excited about the future (even the hard bits)

Dear Suzanne,
Just wanted to thank you again for a fantastic ceremony. The tone you set was absolutely perfect and we can’t thank you enough for the way you conducted things. The whole day was perfect and that really started with a beautiful ceremony. So many people commented on how wonderful you were and on your ability to achieve a balance between humour, sense of occasion and sincerity. We have been to a couple of weddings since and feel very lucky we found you for ours.
Glenn & Kate-The Hoodies.

Dear Suzanne,
thank you again, for all your intimate spirit, that we were so blessed to find and have on our special day. You certainly brought the energies in, to create the space for all that good lovin' we made. It was totally awesome - not to mention your guidance and your sincerity. It is rare to find such an understanding person, that could instantly truly see the magical love that Will and I hold so dear. Will and I had the most incredible time, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect venue, more perfect day, more perfect celebrant, or a more perfect love affair. Here's to love! I can't quite believe you won't be a central part of our life, and I am sure our paths shall cross in the not too distant future. You are magnificent!
With our sincerest thanks,
Michelle and Will.

From planning and vision making to the wedding ceremony on the special day, Suzanne was an inspiration, a guiding light, a great character and all round good friend. Her understanding, patience and responsible nature allowed us to feel that everything was taken care of.
— Andrew and Ember

Dear, dear Suzanne.
It's taken a while to write to you so that we can give you more evidence of our enduring happiness! We are ridiculously, profoundly happy. Thankyou for making our wedding such an incredible journey; through all the preparation, the inviting of guests to come along with us, and a truly meaningful honest and heartfelt ceremony. You guided Mark and I to marry each other- a very powerful and empowering ritual. We feel so strong, focussed in love. Thankyou for bringing out in us these gifts to unite us. We all feel very moved. Elvi (their 3yr old daughter) says, "Now we are married, our lives have changed!" with awe, wonder and excitement in her voice. She's right. So many of the guests were moved by the ceremony too, some making wise spontaneous changes to their lives during the weeks afterwards. And my Finnish grandfather (now 89) said, "My granddaughter understands the outside religion". It made him happy.
Thankyou so much. I know that you love what you do. It was perfect, and we feel so bound in love, happiness and good fortune in any situation.
Mark: Thankyou for grounding us in love, for digging up the soil just right for our seeds to grow! It was fun working with you. We are richer in our confidence together- we feel grounded & can go anywhere together. The celebrations went off like a hoot, Hoot Hoot! Every time we think of the day we feel elated!
Always fond love,
Marc & Tasmin 2006

Dear Suzanne,
We would like to thank you for your time, effort, warmth, humour and your ability to adapt under pressure. It was all of these qualities that allowed us to have a truly special wedding. Our journey with you had so many special moments with one in particular -The Ring Blessing was simply magical and it still holds its spell on us. It will be etched in our memories forever. 
Love Arna & Bret